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Types of Household Hoses and LPG HOSE

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A household hose is a common tool for many purposes. It conveys water and can be attached to sprinklers or sprayers. It is attached to a spigot or tap. There are many different types of household hoses, so it is important to understand which one you need for a particular application. Here are some of the more common types: (a) Garden - A garden spout or tap.

Longer hoses - The more flexible a hose is, the longer it will be. They are also more difficult to coil up and drain, so you'll want a shorter stubby sized cylinder for watering plants and other small areas close to the house. Use shorter stubby stubs to connect the hose when you're finished watering, which can be handy when you're ready to start watering a garden or other outdoor area.

Although it doesn't have this impressive number, it's still a good choice for watering a lawn at home. However, it's not recommended for use where heavy equipment is present, since the hose could kink and break when uncoiling itself. So, if you're not sure how to use a household spout, choose one that has a high burst pressure.

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