High Pressure PVC Erogen Coupled Devices

The PVC hose refers to a high pressure air hose that is used by many farmers today in order to help them harvest their crops from the soil without having to risk their lives. 

What a PVC hose is and how it works then it would be better

If you happen to be one of those people who are still unaware of what a PVC hose is and how it works then it would be better 

if we could start by understanding first the concept of high pressure air hoses before going on to give examples of how they can be useful for different farming needs. First of all, high pressure air hoses are generally known as a vacuum hoses since they take in large volumes of air by compressing it before drawing it out. 

High pressure air hoses can be used for a lot of purposes, from harvesting fruits and vegetables to pumping water and sewage. They are also commonly used in the construction of underground tunnels, blast walls, and for a whole range of other applications including pumping water and cleaning sewers.

If you are wondering why high pressure high pressure PVC hoses are so useful for most farmers then the answer has two parts.

The reasons why these types of pvc garden hose

To be widely used in watering or irrigation of trees and flowers in gardens,lawn,factories,enterprises and communities.

Our Mission

Aside from this, these hoses also have a high air flow capacity and they can carry up to 10000 cc of fresh air at the same time, which gives them the ability to perform several spraying activities at once.
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 Responding to Environmental Challenges
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Why People Choose RATO HOSE

We Are Innovative

Agricultural HVAC systems require a high-pressure air hose to reach the blowers and blower areas of the system for proper operation.

We Transform

If you do not have a high pressure air hose, it can be purchased directly from a local hardware store or you can order one online.

We Are Trade Experts

It is important that you have the proper specifications and measurements in place when you go to order your air hose, because if you receive a hose that is too small.
Our Advantages
Our team of experts helps you maximize the quality and delivery requirements of engineering methods, product performance,
and even the most complex applications.
12 years of professional experience in pvc hose.
We have own product R&D team.
We strictly follow the ISO9001:2005 management system to ensure product quality,
Production Line
High production efficiency, large output.
Supply Ability
We can produce 800 tons hose each month.
We have a strong raw material suppliers
and management team.

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