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PVC Suction Hose - A Brief Introduction

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PVC Suction Hose is generally utilized as an industrial hose, which is made from strong plastic hose, which is flexible and can be bent to almost any shape with a tiny amount of force. Use: PVC hose is extensively used as air and water suctions for distributing and transporting liquid and solid products and fluids. As an alternative, they also perform well as cattle-handling hoses. They are specifically used for the suctions of liquids like oil, gas, dust, fibers and other solids like water and grease, gaseous, air and steam, and suctions equipment for extracting air and moisture from the different types of media.

The hose' material type is generally dependent on the purpose of usage. For instance, a pvc hose, which is generally utilized in the residential sector for cleaning the windows and doors, is generally made of high pressure polyethylene (HDPE) hose with an inner core made of rubber. The inner core has the property to expand up to 300% of its initial size after being exposed to heat. This property makes the PVC hose capable of handling the pressure and temperature differences experienced in cleaning and pushing back dirt and grime from windows and doors. Apart from this, PVC hose also has the property to maintain its elasticity even under extreme temperatures.

Discharge: PVC plastic reinforced hose are commonly employed for the transportation and storage of compressed air. For example, in the case of a vacuum cleaner, the discharge of compressed air occurs through a nozzle assembly while in the case of pvc suction hose, it occurs through the end of the hose which has a discharge port. As discharge is a function of the pipe diameter and the pressure of the discharge, the diameter of the pipe will determine the discharge pressure as well. Another important thing to note is that PVC discharge hoses with larger diameters have higher flow rates than those with smaller diameters.