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How to Service Your PVC Garden Hose

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PVC garden hose is commonly used in different garden applications. Plants have to be regularly watered, so regular garden hoses have to be durable, and at the same time in cold weather to avoid frost injury, in hot weather they have to withstand the intense heat of the sun. At home we use them for our automatic dish washers, vacuums, washing machines, ceiling fans, and barbeques. They are very reliable, flexible, and inexpensive.

If you want to save some money, then you can always build your own PVC water hose. It's not as difficult as you think. The process is quite easy. First of all you will need a water supply pipe, and then you will need a PVC garden hose with the correct length and type of fittings. Then you need to cut the old pipe with the help of a hacksaw, remove, and cut the new pipe with the help of a suitable pipe cutter, and then insert the new PVC garden hose with the right fittings into the old pipe.

After you are done with the installation, check the resistance of the connection for any loss of compression. If the resistance is low, then either the PVC suction hose has defects or it is suffering from corrosion. You will need to service this pipe at least once in the lifetime, so make sure that you do it periodically. By performing regular servicing, you can reduce the expenses related to the maintenance cost of your pvc suction hose.

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