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Hose Pipe

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A hose pipe is a hollow flexible plastic tube specially designed to transport liquids from one place to another. Hoses are usually also known as flexible pipes, or in more commonly used terminology, tubing. The normal shape of a hose used for domestic and industrial applications is typically cylindrical.

The common household application of hose pipe is the simple closed looped variety. These types of hoses are often used in the home for running clothes washer drier, or similar domestic application. A hanger is used to fix a hose into a clothing washer, thus supplying water to the drum while drying the clothes. Hose hangers also can be used for watering garden plants, a small hose reel (or 'real') will suffice. Small hoses of PVC are ideal for attaching anything from garden furniture to flower pots, however these are not as common as the PVC hose used for domestic and commercial applications.

Another useful application of hose pipe is commercial. In the food and beverage industry, for example, large doses of flexible PVC are often used to deliver cleaning agents into hot areas or to transport liquids from one area to another (such as for cleaning olive oil off of a pizza), or even to transfer cooked food from one area to another (saving you having to use a cooking hose!). It is also possible to recycle some commercial hose pipe by making the end of the flexible one sufficiently long so that it can be attached to an unused section of pipeline for recycling; the resulting 'recycling' will be the length of the flexible hose pipe.

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