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High Pressure Air Hose

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The high pressure air hose is a type of air hose used in quarries and mines. It is designed for heavy duty use, long-lasting service, and maximum safety. This specialized piping is resistant to oil and grease and has high tensile strength and a low coefficient of friction. This specialized piping is perfect for mining and other heavy-duty applications. There are a number of advantages of this type of ductwork.

The high-pressure air hose can be purchased in a wide range of diameters, from ten inches to twenty-four inches. These hoses are made of three components: a smooth synthetic rubber tube, a reinforcement system made of several layers of high strength synthetic fiber, and a cover that is made of high-quality black chloroprene rubber. These features provide a sturdy structure and are useful for a variety of applications, including tunnel construction.

HPA hoses have been tested to handle three-hundred and fifty-five pounds of pressure. They are also softer than rubber air hoses and are suitable for a variety of air tools. These nozzles are designed to work with all types of pressure, and are suited for many different applications. Compared to rubber nozzles, HPA swivels are lightweight, making them more convenient to use.

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