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Flexible PVC Hose - Use With Confidence

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Quality flexible PVC hose, specially sized for hookup with Schedule 40 threaded rigid pipe fixtures. Both flexible PVC hose and rigid PVC are interchangeable with each other as they both adhere to the same standard size rules and use the exact same fittings to fill them. When selecting a hose from the multitude of hose options that are available, it is important to select the one that will be the most efficient for the job you intend doing. A good rule of thumb is to choose one that will allow the pipe to complete its full travel through the drain, taking a minimum of 1 inch per mile.

The flexible pvc hose is made of an extremely sturdy material, as well as being highly resistant to wear and tear. In fact, a flexible PVC hose has been standardized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be one of the most durable hoses available on the market. It will stand up to harsh chemical treatment, and prevent clogging from occurring in both the cold and hot water systems in which it is used. Further, this high-quality hose is resistant to corrosion, mildew, and fire, making it a perfect fit for any type of situation. In fact, because of the durability of the flexible PVC hose, it may be disposed of without ever having to be returned to service.

As with any electrical product, the selection of the correct fittings is critical to the safe performance of the equipment in which it is intended to be used. When purchasing a flexible pvc hose, it is always necessary to check with the manufacturer to ensure that they conform to the specific size requirements for the particular application. If possible, it is always recommended that the flex pipe fittings are matched up to the exact same specifications as those used for rigid PVC pipe. This will allow for a much smoother and more consistent flow rate throughout the system.

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