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Choosing a Garden Hose

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If you've never used a garden hose before, it's easy to get confused by all the different options. There are two basic types of garden hose, outdoor garden hose, and indoor/outdoor garden hose. Indoor hose must be used within the house or apartment and outdoor hose are usually used outside. This article will help you choose the right garden hose for your needs: indoor hose vs. outdoor garden hose. Let's get started.

Garden Hose Reel When looking at a garden hose, check out its hose adapter and nozzle options. The adaptor is what connects the hose to the spigot, and the nozzle is the portion of the hose that you can manipulate for watering. The hose itself is durable, rubber, polyester, or PVC, depending on its intended use. PVC hose, particularly the expandable water hose with spray nozzles, come in different lengths, sizes, and materials, ranging from one gallon to six gallons.

Garden Hose Reel With Coiled Hoses Garden hose reels usually have a housing, made of nylon or some other durable material, with a coiled spring or chain attached. The coiled spring is designed for the hose to be inserted into the hose reels, which can either be small metal clips or a large assortment of clips. To use the hose, you insert the coiled spring over the end of the hose and twist. Once you loosen the hold, the hose is now fully expanded. To prevent stripping or shorting out the hose, the coiled spring is securely looped through a hose reel assembly.

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