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Choosing Flexible PVC Air Hose

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When it comes to flexible hose, there are several options that you can choose from. PVC stretches and becomes stiff at certain temperatures, so you may need to choose a larger size than what is normally required. In addition, if you need a hose that can handle high pressure, you may want to go with a steel wire reinforced hosing instead. This material is corrosion and static-resistant, making it an excellent choice for these applications.

A flexible PVC hose is durable and highly resistant to chemical and abrasion. These types of nozzles are available in lay-flat versions for easy storage and transportation. This type of hose is also much lighter than its rubber counterpart. A steel-wired reinforcement is also added to the hose, so it won't break easily. You can even reinforce the hose with additional reinforcement to keep it from bursting.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a PVC air hose is the amount of pressure it can hold. If you're planning to use a pneumatic tool, you'll want to buy a hose that is made to withstand high pressure. A rubber cylinder is the best choice for industrial tasks and construction work. If you're planning on using a PVC spool with high air pressure, you'll want to make sure it's strong enough for your needs.

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