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PVC Suction Hoses

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The standard Green Air Compressor is suitable for general applications for the transportation of clean water, washing down, de-watering, jetting, and other general cleaning and janitorial operations. It's lightweight and flexible, with a textured, flat, smooth, and abrasion-resistant PVC hose that offers high strength and flexibility. In addition, it includes an adjustable locking nut and bolt to secure the hose to its appropriate place on the air compressor. Other optional accessories include a hose reel and a hose extension, both of which increase functionality and reduce cost.

The Black Suction Hose has many advantages over the standard and it is also very lightweight, so it is easy to handle and transport. The flexible PVC material of the hose allows greater lateral (vertical) stretch than that of the standard green or black hoses. The black helix is very smooth with a subtle pattern that is not visible when the hose is held flat. It has an anti-bacterial coating on one side that is ideal for cleaning, as it ensures that the hose remains bacterial free when in use. Its lightweight and versatile make it ideal for applications where mobility is an issue.

Flexible PVC hoses have the added benefit of being more durable than their flexible rubber tube counterparts. They can be used in demanding industrial situations without the risk of breakage, distortion, or excessive stretching. The best quality hoses are made from high-quality, durable materials that are both flexible and durable. The material should be able to withstand stretching to an environment that is challenging, whether that is air moisture or varying temperatures. If the hose is used in a demanding environment, its value increases significantly.