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High Pressure PVC Hose Assembly For Industrial Spray Guns

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If you have ever seen the large industrial spray hoses at your local industrial factory or at a construction site, you would surely noticed the huge cylindrical tubes filled with glue, thinner plastic, metal foils, rubber sheets and other materials. Well, these are the spray hoses that the manufacturers use to apply adhesives, coatings, lubricants, resins, etc. These are used for different purposes in many industries, but the most common use is for spraying various chemicals, cleaning machines, and other products. It is because of the high-quality design and functionality that the PVC hose has become popular for the consumers. In fact, due to its popularity, it has now become mandatory to have these tubes in factories and other large manufacturing units.

One of the most vital components in the hose assembly is the high-pressure hose nozzle or nozzles. It controls the stream of the spray from the hose by varying the pressure and flow rate. There are two types of nozzles available for the industrial sprayers. The first type of hose nozzle is known as the forward/backward throw hose nozzle which is commonly used in the spray guns and pressurized air system; the second type is known as the rotary type hose which is commonly used in the spray paint gun and pressure washers and the last type is called the ball type hose.

Some of the important components that are found on the hose assembly include the seal, body, fitting, air release valve, adapter, hose couplings, hose connection, adaptor plug and return pipe. Apart from these, there are also some additional parts like the hose couplings, hose bib, valve stem and air release valve. These parts ensure the proper functioning of the spray hose assembly and ensure the safety as well. You should always follow the directions of your spray gun dealer to install the parts of the spray rig.